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To be frank, it's societal and personal beliefs about kids and about yourself that sabotage your parenting - your success with it and, especially, your enjoyment of it.

As a mom, you need 2 things to get to a place where you can

LOVE the way you parent:

1) You need solid tools you can depend on. Tools that work on the good days AND the bad days - no matter how you are feeling.


2) A framework of TRUTHFUL and HELPFUL beliefs about kids and how to get them to listen without yelling, threats, or punishments.

As an Authorized Language of Listening® Coach, I give you both.

12 Week 1:1 Program For Moms

I work 1:1 with moms who see the following results:

  • Feel supported because they have the right tools (and know how to use them!)

  • Solve the issues behind their kids’ behaviors

  • Get their kids to listen without yelling or having to use threats

  • Feel in control, like they can CHOOSE the best short-term and long-term results for their children

  • FINALLY LOVE the way they parent!!

The 12 weeks consist of weekly video calls where I coach you on the art of using the 3 tools of Language of Listening®. We get you confident on using the tools in your unique parenting situation and then we do motherhood mindset work.


Together, we will uncover unhelpful thought patterns that are actually survival mechanisms leftover from childhood. You won't be needing those anymore. 

We'll use your strong emotions and reactions to things as messages to get YOUR needs met - whether it's rage, or anxiety, or self-abandonment, lessening their occurrence.

All of this so you can bring your best self to your parenting, and really, your life. 

To get my eyes and my heart on your parenting journey schedule your FREE Connection Call by clicking the star below. We'll take 45 minutes together. You'll talk to me about where you are and where you want to be as a mom. Then, I'll talk to you about what's keeping you from your parenting goals and what it would look like for us to work together for 12 weeks, getting you to a place where you LOVE the way you parent:

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Package: $1,200.00 USD

(Payment Plan Available: 3 Payments of $500 each)

What my clients have to say about working with me....

Thank you again so much for this course. You put so much effort into it and it felt like you really cared. Your insights changed my life. Years of therapy didn't provide me with what you gave me during those weeks.  - Sara B.

This course will change you. You will come out a different person; except it was a person who was always there. The person you are supposed to be, and have every right to be. And Rosemary is the person who will walk you there effortlessly. Rosemary is so patient and empathetic. We all want someone who understands exactly where we've been, and how we

got to where we are now. It's really such an amazing transformation each week and you come out feeling like you've finally stepped into the mom, wife, friend- woman- you want to be showing up as. Thank you so much Rose. - Sara J.

Rose is an absolute gem to work with and her courses are jam packed with a wealth of practical knowledge that is ready to be implemented as soon as you learn it! She is a thoughtful, caring and supportive coach that will guide you through any roadblocks that arise. The strategies are helpful, practical, and can be tailored to any person's situation. Rose's coaching and courses will leave you with an improved mindset to meet YOUR needs, hold boundaries with confidence, and allow REAL self-care for YOU.  - Esther Cormier

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parenting journey. Let's chat on a FREE Connection Call about

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