Invitation to work with me...

This invitation is for moms who want to finally know they are getting it right, who want to hold boundaries in ways that create connection, instead of having to yell at or threaten their kids.​

My program will get your kids listening in ways that make you BOTH feel closer to each other. ​

It also creates an environment where you start making your Needs a priority, which creates space for everyone's Needs to get met.​

Over 12 weeks I work with you on the following transformations:​

1) I'll show you how to focus on everything you and your child are doing RIGHT so you can stop being worried that you're doing things "wrong". And, I'll give you the tools to coach that RIGHTNESS in your child to get it showing up more often! ​

This recognizing and expanding of everything that you and your child are doing RIGHT, is the first step in removing the things that feel "wrong." Making decisions based on fear will be replaced for both of you, with making decisions based on confidence and trust.​

This is accomplished through a simple inventory of your preferences to uncover your boundaries - showing you how RIGHT they are. And then, teaching you how to see that everything your child does and says is a communication about their Needs. ​

2) Next I get you identifying and valuing those Needs, plus show you that WHAT YOU WANT MATTERS. This lays the foundation necessary for holding boundaries that allow you to be the one in charge, and still feel close with your child. ​

I will teach you exactly what to look for and say to get on your child's side, supporting them to get their Needs met WHILE following YOUR rules. This makes threats and punishment unnecessary, and even the urge to yell fades.​

Once we replace the yelling, threats, and punishment with connective boundary-holding, you'll be supporting your child's Needs in a way that clearly communicates how much you value them, and teaching them to value themselves as well. When your child can meet their Needs easily and predictably, their best self will naturally show up.​

The same is true for you...​

3) To get YOUR Needs met, I show you how to translate your emotions into powerful messages about those Needs - because you matter too! In childhood, you were taught that some of your emotions create problems, but the real problems get created when emotions are rejected and ignored. This is because it gets you ignoring and rejecting your SELF. I help you replace that unhelpful programming with new ways of functioning as a person with emotions that matter.​

I do this by showing you what to do when pressure like SHOULDs show up in your life, and exactly what to look for and what to say to yourself when big emotions arise. Your self-trust and self-valuing will deepen because you will have tools that work to bring about real change, instead of being told you just need to change your thoughts.​

When you get this for yourself, you will automatically pass it on to your kids. PLUS, you will be parenting in a COMPLETELY different way than you were parented, ALL WHILE filling in the voids leftover from your own childhood.​

My program is based on the 3 beautifully simple tools from Language of Listening®, the ground-breaking parenting model I use, teach, and love. ​

In my program you get extended 1:1 Zoom coaching calls, email support in between calls, plus a few simple self-study resources and assignments to fast-track our work together.​

The moms who get the best results working with me have at least 1 child aged 2 - 11, and also have a desire for self-awareness that has already led them to try things like therapy, journaling, and/or reading books and blogs.​

The current price for this offer is $1,800 USD which is SO small compared to feeling equipped to hold your boundaries without angry outbursts, to have a closer connection with your kids, and to have a clear path to get your Needs met in ways that benefit your whole family. ​

If you're interested in exploring this offer further, let's chat. Book a call by clicking the blue star below and we'll talk about what's hard right now and what you want from the program. Then I'll share with you my strategy for your situation, as well as whether I feel the program is a good fit or not to support you in getting what you want.


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What my clients have to say about working with me....

Thank you again so much for this course. You put so much effort into it and it felt like you really cared. Your insights changed my life. Years of therapy didn't provide me with what you gave me during those weeks.  

- Sara B.

Hiring Rosemary as a parenting coach was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. I am a mother of four that has been parenting intuitively and from a loving and nurturing place for almost 14 years. Yet I didn't know why I wasn't feeling at peace in my parenting abilities and needed someone to uncover what was going on beneath the surface. I knew I was using passive aggressiveness and manipulation to get the desired results in my children, and I knew it was because I didn't have a healthy childhood with proper role models. Rosemary was able to teach me in a very short amount of time what I needed to learn about human behavior and motivation, reparenting, boundaries and communication. After 3 months I already feel like I am parenting in a completely new way. I am grateful to Rosemary for helping me become an even more conscious parent with the tools I need to feel at peace in all areas of my life, not just parenting! This was truly a life changing coaching experience for me. - Monica Morong


Rose has helped me transform my mind. Investing in 12 weeks with her was a drop in the bucket compared to the impact she's had on my family legacy. Future generations will be changed because of the shift in my parenting. By bringing awareness to a lot of the unconscious mental patterns I was functioning from, I have healed the way I think about myself and my children. Situations that used to cause me great anxiety and stress no longer do. I am empowered and know how to set and hold my boundaries. I will forever be grateful for Rose's coaching and the impact it has had on my family. - Jaclyn (mom of 2 boys - 4 & 2)

Rose took her own childhood pain and transformed it into something that has blessed me and my children. I never felt judged. I only felt supported. She has great insight into dynamics and sees clearly what is going on. I am so thankful for this program and the journey it has set me on. - Miriam Browning


This course will change you. You will come out a different person; except it was a person who was always there. The person you are supposed to be, and have every right to be. And Rosemary is the person who will walk you there effortlessly. Rosemary is so patient and empathetic. We all want someone who understands exactly where we've been, and how we got to where we are now. It's really such an amazing transformation each week and you come out feeling like you've finally stepped into the mom, wife, friend- woman- you want to be showing up as. Thank you so much Rose. - Sara J.

Rose is an absolute gem to work with and her courses are jam packed with a wealth of practical knowledge that is ready to be implemented as soon as you learn it! She is a thoughtful, caring and supportive coach that will guide you through any roadblocks that arise. The strategies are helpful, practical, and can be tailored to any person's situation. Rose's coaching and courses will leave you with an improved mindset to meet YOUR needs, hold boundaries with confidence, and allow REAL self-care for YOU.  - Esther Cormier

Mama, head over to my About Page and fill in the form at the bottom to connect and see if we are a good fit. Simply tell me about your kids, their ages, and about the number 1 issue you'd like help with!